About Us

From simple beginnings: The 1928 Ole Hanson Adobe House that our store resides in was originally a home. After its many years as a home, it became a law office for many more. Finally transitioning into a store, The Abode came to find us and we have owned it for almost three years now.

Located in a historic 1928 Ole Hanson Adobe House, our store was rightfully named The Abode. Our little adobe home consists of two bedrooms, a bath, a kitchen, paint room, and a garden (all filled with goodies!). Full of unique items and furnishings, old and new, each room in The Abode is sure to inspire and awe.

Stop by and walk through our one-of-a-kind store. You’ll recognize us by the signature adobe-style home of Ole Hanson, our large ‘Bonsai’-shaped Juniper tree, and assortment of succulents and butterfly plants. With beautiful, ever-changing decor in our lovely location, come by to shop, look for decorating ideas, or simply relax in our beautiful garden. You’ll even see lots of unusual plants, fountains, and an original Orange tree from when the house was built.

Even take home a plant to boost our area’s number of natural habitats and protect our pollinator friends! Ask our owners if you have questions regarding any of our pollinator friends or pollinator-friendly plants. Linda and Eric’s yard, at their own home, is a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). We’d love to help foster more in the area to make all of our wildlife and pollinator friends happy again!